Cocktail bitters are something of an enigma to most people. What do they taste like? What are they for? Do I actually need them in a cocktail? Whilst they are all most definitely bitter to taste, they also offer a little sweetness and plenty of flavour. Think of them as the salt and pepper in cocktail, they can also add balance and complexity with that bitterness nicely countering the alcohol and any sweetness. They are not just for cocktails either, try adding them in fruit salads and even savoury dishes. I'm particularly partial to a drop of bitters in some tonic water over ice for a proper grown up soft drink.
Fee Brothers Habanero Bitters 15cl New In

Fee Brothers Habanero Bitters 15cl


Give your cocktail creations that much-needed kick with Fee Brothers Habanero Bitters! Offers a ..

€19.95 Ex Tax: €16.22

Fernet Branca Menta


A fabulous Amaro style drink with the strong flavour of peppermint. Branca Menta came to being after..

€35.00 Ex Tax: €28.46

Mad March Hare Mule Bitters


Give your Mule cocktail the kick it needs with this exciting collaboration between Mad March Hare an..

€19.00 Ex Tax: €15.45

Ms Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer 12cl


A Vancouver based producer of superior bitters, syrups, purees and the world's first vegan botan..

€34.56 Ex Tax: €28.10

Nardini Amaro New In

Nardini Amaro


Made from a variety of herbs, spices and other botanicals. This classic refreshing Italian Amaro is ..

€35.50 Ex Tax: €28.86

Off The Cuffe Aromatic Hedgerow Bitters


The role of the humble hedgerow is far from simply that of a field boundary. They are part of the hi..

€16.00 Ex Tax: €13.01

Off The Cuffe Connoisseurs Collection Box 3X5cl

3x 5cl

An attractive gift set of the hand crafted Off The Cuffe range of cocktail bitters. Great for any bu..

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Off the Cuffe Homeboy Irish Coffee Bitters 5cl


The most recent addition to the Off the Cuffe catalogue, a delicious Irish Coffee flavoured bitter. ..

€16.00 Ex Tax: €13.01

Off The Cuffe Marmalade Citrus Bitters


Marmalade is an evocative ingredient, often either loved or hated, this recipe goes a long way to br..

€16.00 Ex Tax: €13.01

Off the Cuffe The Chocolate Factory Bitters


The name pays homage to the home of Off the Cuffee bitters, The Chocolate Factory and harkens back t..

€16.00 Ex Tax: €13.01

Peychaud Bitters


Peychaud is a gentian based bitters with a delicious sweet, fruity and floral flavour. It is one of ..

€13.00 Ex Tax: €10.57

Regans No.6 Orange Bitters


Made by well-known mixologist Gary Regan, the recipe for the No.6 Orange Bitters is from Charles Bak..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €10.16

Stillgarden O'Maro Irish Amaro


“O’Maro” the Irish Amaro, from the creators of 'Social Gin', newcomers, St..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Amargo Chuncho Bitters


Chuncho Amargo is a unique Peruvian bitters that is essential for making an authentic Pisco Sour. A ..

€14.99 Ex Tax: €12.19

Amaro Averna


A superb Sicilian Amaro that is made using an ancient recipe with herbs, roots and citrus ..

€28.50 Ex Tax: €23.17

Amaro Lucano


Made using a secret recipe of over 30 herbs and spicies that has been passed down through generation..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €21.95