The current gin revolution shows no signs diminishing like the vodka trend did. The difference is that it is very easy to tell the difference between a good and a bad gin and that there really is a gin to suit any palate out there. We have seen some very exotic and unusual flavouring used over the last few years but one thing remains central to all of them: Juniper. Simply put, if it doesn't have any juniper then it is not a real gin. We stock an impressive range of gins, all of them different in their own way. Whether it's for a G&T a classic Martini or our favourite, the Negroni cocktail we have a gin to suit them all.

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Hendricks Gin Lunar


The second limited-edition offering from Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curio..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Hepple Gin


Hepple Gin is crafted using locally handpicked green juniper from the Hepple estate and produced usi..

€64.50 Ex Tax: €52.44

Herno Gin


A London dry style Gin that has come all the way from Sweden. Made from eight botanicals this Gin ha..

€55.00 Ex Tax: €44.72

Highbank Organic Crystal Irish Gin


Exclusively distilled from local Kilkenny grown apples and flavoured with 12 botanicals including la..

€61.99 Ex Tax: €50.39

Ish London Dry Gin


Five times distilled in a traditional pot still in the heart of London. The highest quality English ..

€48.99 Ex Tax: €39.83

Jackford Irish Potato Gin Cracker

2 x 5cl

The perfect novelty gift for a Gin lover. The Jackford Irish Potato Gin cracker contains 2..

€13.50 Ex Tax: €10.98

Jensens Old Tom Gin


Jensen's Old Tom recipe was taken from a distiller's handbook from the 1840s. It i..

€43.99 Ex Tax: €35.77

Junipero Gin


The Anchor Distilling Company combine more than twelve botanicals to produce this small batch gin. R..

€61.00 Ex Tax: €49.59

Kew Organic Gin


A fine collaboration between the London Distillery (makers of Dodd's gin) and Kew Gardens. ..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Kyro Dark Gin


Kyrö Dark Gin is inspired by fierce weather. It is the perfect union of Finnish wholegrain rye ..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €40.65

Kyro Gin


A fantastic Nordic gin that is made at the Kyrö Distillery in Isokyrö, Finland. This ..

€47.00 Ex Tax: €38.21

Kyro Teeling Cask Aged Gin


A limited edition, cask aged rye gin matured in teeling whisky barrels. "Together with our..

€52.50 Ex Tax: €42.68

Larios 12 Premium Gin


A premium Spanish gin that has been made using 12 different botanicals and 5 seperate distillations...

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Larios Rosé Gin


A fruity and citrussy tasting gin with the added intensity of strawberries. Great for drinking in th..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €23.58

Malfy Gin Mini Pack 4 X 5cl

4 x 5cl

A fantastic gift pack for any gin lover! This gift pack includes four different Malfy Gins in 50ml m..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €18.29

Martin Millers Gin


Awarded a Gold for Best Contemporary Gin at World Gin Awards 2021 and Gold Medal and 'Outstandin..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59