Tapatio Tequila

Aged 4 months in oak barrels.
100% Agave, 38% Vol., 700 ml
Color: yellow gold color
Taste: macho and suave agave intensity. Intense agave aromas redolent with earth, smoke, and caramel. Butter, caramel, toast, and vanilla flavours swirl around the strong agave flavour base. Slightly sweet with a medium mouth feel. The finish is hot, with long-lasting agave flavor and hints of pepper and lemon.

Tapatio Anejo Tequila


Often described as very more-ish tequila with a smooth and enticing flavour. This is incredibly well..

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Tapatio Blanco Tequila


A crisp and aromatic tequila that is perfect for Margaritas and other cocktails. It is bottled at a ..

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Tapatio Reposado Tequila


A softer and more gentle expression than the Tapatio Blanco. The distillery recommends serving this ..

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