Irish Whiskey A-Z

Our Irish whiskey selection sorted from A to Z. Celtic Whiskey Shop is home to the world's best variety of Irish whiskey - stocking a comprehensive range of beloved brands, as well as an impressive collection of rare, collectible and independent bottlings.  

Glendalough Double Barrel Single Grain


Glendalough double barrel is a unique single grain Irish whiskey that has been aged in both ex-Bourb..

€37.00 Ex Tax: €30.08

Glendalough Madeira Cask


An exceptional Single Cask whiskey which has been finished in a canteiro Madeira barrel. E..

€79.50 Ex Tax: €64.63

Glendalough Pot Still


The Glendalough Pot Still was made from a 1:2 mash bill of malted and unmalted Irish barley, ma..

€56.50 Ex Tax: €45.94

Grace O'Malley 18 Year Old Port Finish Irish Whiskey New In

Grace O'Malley 18 Year Old Port Finish Irish Whiskey


The latest expression from Grace O'Malley Whiskey. This 18 Year Old Single Malt received a port ..

€199.00 Ex Tax: €161.79

Grace O'Malley Blended Irish Whiskey


Grace O'Malley Blended Irish Whiskey uses a combination of multiple batches of whiskey of v..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Grace O'Malley Dark Char Cask Limited Edition


Grace O'Malley Dark Char Cask Whiskey is a superior blend, combining multiple batches of whiskey..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Grace O’Malley Rum Cask Irish Whiskey


Created from a unique blend of malt and grain whiskeys, this blend combines multiple b..

€61.00 Ex Tax: €49.59

Green Spot Chateau Léoville Barton


Their origins in history, two stories of Irish endeavour and enterprise intertwine and together are ..

€76.00 Ex Tax: €61.79

Green Spot Chateau Montelena


The second release of the Wine Green Spot series, following on from the Green Spot Chateau..

€76.00 Ex Tax: €61.79

Green Spot Single Pot Still


Green Spot is a 100% pure pot still whiskey that can trace its roots to the early 1900s, when Jameso..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €52.85

Grey Coast New In

Grey Coast


Grey Coast Irish Whiskey is a collaboration between professional golfer Graeme McDowell and family-o..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59

Ha'penny Blend Whiskey


A honeyed, malt-driven blended Irish whisky from Ha'penny, named after the Ha'penny Bridge a..

€53.00 Ex Tax: €43.09

Ha'Penny Four Cask Whiskey


Ha’penny Irish whiskey is a blend of four different cask types and two styles of whiskey. It i..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €40.65

Hinch 10 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish


Created by the Hinch Distillery Co. in the beautiful Killaney Estate just South of Belfast. This 10 ..

€53.00 Ex Tax: €43.09

Hinch 5 Year Old Double Wood Irish Whiskey


A delicious blended Irish whiskey that is created by selecting the best bourbon cask matured whiskey..

€48.50 Ex Tax: €39.43

Hyde 1640 No.8 Stout Cask Finish


A superb blended whiskey which has been comprised of 75% 4 Year Old Single Grain (previously aged in..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71