World Whiskeys

There are now countries all round the world making whiskey, some with more success than others! America, Canada and Japan are all highly capable of making first class whiskeys in their own unique styles, and in recent years there has been some huge interest in the Japanese whiskies. In the USA a revival of old loved brands and styles such as rye whiskey has led to an increase in interest. America has also seen the rise of carft/boutique distilleries many of which are also making other excellent products such as gin or vodka. Elsewhere the spread of whisky has been a bit more patchy, however there are great whiskeys now being made in countries such as India, Sweden, Holland and Taiwan.

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World Whiskeys

Seagrams VO


A fine mixing whisky from Canada. Seagrams VO is also great as the whisky base for classic cocktails..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Southern Comfort Black


Returning to it's whiskey roots - Southern Comfort Black is a bold whiskey forward expression at..

€35.95 Ex Tax: €29.22

Suntory Hibiki Harmony


Hibiki is a superb blended Japanese whisky. It takes single malts from Yamazaki and Hakushu dis..

€184.00 Ex Tax: €149.59

Suntory Kakubin New In

Suntory Kakubin


Suntory's flagship blended whisky and a classic example of lighter Japanese whiskey. Made from&n..

€58.50 Ex Tax: €47.56

Suntory Red 64cl New In

Suntory Red 64cl


A lovely, affordable, and traditional Japanese whisky made with the same trad..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €40.65

Suntory The Chita


A single grain whisky that has been aged in a combination of wine, sherry and bourbon casks from the..

€75.00 Ex Tax: €60.98

Suntory Toki


Blended from Suntory's three distilleries, Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita, Toki varies to its siste..

€57.00 Ex Tax: €46.34

Templeton Rye Signature Reserve 4 Year Old


When prohibition outlawed the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in 1920, many enterprising..

€49.50 Ex Tax: €40.25

Templeton Rye Signature Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey 6 Year Old


Welcome to Templeton, Iowa - a population of just 350 people and the home of Templeton Rye.  ..

€55.00 Ex Tax: €44.72

The Matsui Mizunara Cask Single Malt


From the Kurayoshi Distillery, aged in Mizunara Japanese Oak comes The Matsui Mizunara Cask. A non-a..

€124.00 Ex Tax: €100.81

The Matsui The Peated Single Malt 70cl New In

The Matsui The Peated Single Malt 70cl


A peated version of the Matsui single malt from the Kurayoshi Distillery in Japan. Distilled in copp..

€124.00 Ex Tax: €100.81

The Sazerac Gift Set

Fancy a classic Sazerac this Christmas? This premium cocktail set is the perfect gift for the mixolo..

€85.00 Ex Tax: €69.11

The Tottori Blended Whisky 70cl New In

The Tottori Blended Whisky 70cl


A blended whisky from Matsui that contains both Japanese and Scottish malts and grains. This young w..

€52.50 Ex Tax: €42.68

Three Ship South African Malt New In

Three Ship South African Malt


Here we have an exciting Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky from The James Sedgwick Distillery, Sout..

€53.00 Ex Tax: €43.09

Tincup American Whiskey New In

Tincup American Whiskey


Tincup American Whiskey is the brainchild of Colorado-based Jess Graber, who has been distilling for..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59

Togouchi 15 Year Old


A 15-year-old Japanese blend from Togouchi. This contains a unique combination of whiskies from Cana..

€152.00 Ex Tax: €123.58