Glen Grant

Founded in 1840 by two brothers who most likely distilled illegally on the site before that date. Glen Grant has grown over the years to be one of the best selling malt whisky brands in the world. It is immensely popular in Italy which explains why Campari bought it over in 2005. It also has a huge capacity and is currently the thrid largest producer of malt whisky in Scotland after Glenfiddich and Macallan. There are eight stills and the company makes 5,900,000L of alcohol a year. Despite its popularity it is still relatively easy to find good aged examples at a reasonable price.

Glen Grant 1965 Gordon and Macphail


A semi-official bottling of Glen Grant from Gordon and Macphail's Rare Vintage series. This was ..

€749.99 Ex Tax: €609.75

Glen Grant 2002


This bottling of Glen Grant is released by Gordon and Macphail who are semi-official bottlers for th..

€47.99 Ex Tax: €39.01

Glen Grant 2004 Gordon and Macphail


A light, fruity and delicate Speysider from Glen Grant distillery. Gordon and Macphail release this ..

€56.99 Ex Tax: €46.33

Glen Grant 40 Year Old


A rare and perfectly aged expression of Glen Grant that is part of the distillery series from Gordon..

€459.99 Ex Tax: €373.98