Midleton (Old Distillery)

Old Midleton sits adjacent to the new mega-distillery but is equally impressive. It still houses some massive pot stills and the buildings have been very well preserved. The whiskeys here were all distilled in those old pot stills some time prior to 1975.
Midleton 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition New In

Midleton 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition


A luxurious and limited edition by the iconic Midleton Distillery that's bound to be the ce..

€20,000.00 Ex Tax: €16,260.16

Midleton 1973 30 Year Old


Released in 2003 as a limited edtion aged in three types of barrels- american oak, oloroso sherry bu..

€5,000.00 Ex Tax: €4,065.04

Midleton 1973 Glendimplex Bottling


This is a very rare Single Pot Still whiskey which was bottled for the GlenDimplex heating company i..

€3,000.00 Ex Tax: €2,439.03

Midleton 25 Year Old Pure Pot Still

70 cl

Reputed to be one of the best Irish whiskeys ever bottled. This is a pure (single) pot still whis..

€2,500.00 Ex Tax: €2,032.52

Midleton 30 Year Old


This whiskey, first laid down in 1969 had just two surviving barrels. This is due largely to the eva..

€4,000.00 Ex Tax: €3,252.04

Midleton Finest Whisky Fifteen Year Old

70 cl

This is rare old bottle from the Old Midleton Distillery in County Cork. Bottled by the Cork Distill..

€800.00 Ex Tax: €650.40

Dungourney 1964 Pure Pot Still Special Reserve

70 cl

Dungourney whiskey was born when, in 1994, master distillery Barry Crockett found some whiskey in wa..

€999.99 Ex Tax: €813.00

Midleton 1967 35 Year Old Blended Whiskey

70 cl

This unusual Midleton was created by combining grain and pure pot still spirit in an oak cask before..

€350.00 Ex Tax: €284.55

Midleton Reserve

70 cl

This is a rare bottling of Old Midleton distillery whiskey from the late 1960s or early 1970s. We cu..

€499.99 Ex Tax: €406.50