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We stock a huge range of spirits from producers around the world. Over the years we have carefully picked out our favourites, but we are still on the lookout for more! We love gin, rum, tequila, mezcal and even vodka, aquavit and absinthe.

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Other Spirits

Absolut Vodka


Distilled in Sweden from winter wheat and using natural well water. Absolut is one of the world'..

€29.50 Ex Tax: €23.98

Achill Island Keem Bay Gin New In

Achill Island Keem Bay Gin


A very exciting copper pot still Island Gin we have here from Achill Island Distillery. Inspire..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.89

Ahascragh Distillery Mini Gift Box 3x5cl


One for the fans of Ahascragh Distillery! This mini gift box set includes x1 5cl Xin Gin, x1 5c..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €20.33

Akal Fia Rua Irish Whiskey Aged Rare Cask Rum New In

Akal Fia Rua Irish Whiskey Aged Rare Cask Rum


Introducing this limited edition cuvee of Akal Chai Rum! Fia Rua marks an exciting union as it was d..

€175.00 Ex Tax: €142.28

Akal Le Sanglier XO Cognac Aged Rare Cask Rum New In

Akal Le Sanglier XO Cognac Aged Rare Cask Rum


A rather exciting and exceptionally rare Limited Edition Cuvée rum we have here in the f..

€172.00 Ex Tax: €139.84

Akill Vodka New In

Akill Vodka


A premium Irish vodka all the way from Achill!  Achill Island Distillery is one of Ireland'..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Amaretto Disaronno Original


The classic amaretto, although for some reason these days it does not display the word amaretto anyw..

€29.95 Ex Tax: €24.35

Amaro Averna


A superb Sicilian Amaro that is made using an ancient recipe with herbs, roots and citrus ..

€28.50 Ex Tax: €23.17

Angostura 1787


Aged for fifteen years in oak casks has resulted in this premium rum having notes of ripe banana, dr..

€97.50 Ex Tax: €79.27

Angostura Bitters


An essential cocktail ingredient that goes into many classic drinks such as an Old Fashioned, Mai Ta..

€20.95 Ex Tax: €17.03

Angostura Cocoa Bitters 10cl


A welcome addition to the Angostura Bitters range. This is made using the world's finest Tr..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €15.04

Angostura Orange Bitters


A great addition to any cocktail bar. This is intensely flavoured with orange zest and other exotic ..

€15.00 Ex Tax: €12.20

Aperol Aperitivo


Created in 1919 in Padova, Italy. Aperol is the classic spritz ingredient and is flavoured with citr..

€21.50 Ex Tax: €17.48

Aperol Spritz Gift Set

The perfect gift for any spritz lover - is the Aperol Spritz Gift Set! This gift set includes L..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

Appleton Signature Rum 70cl


A fruity and lively tasting rum with great depth of flavour. This is blended from both column still ..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €32.48

Aqua Vitae


Winner of Best Other Irish Spirit at Irish Whiskey Awards 2022! Aqua Vitae is the brainchild of Chri..

€68.00 Ex Tax: €55.28