Tejo is a VR covering the central province of Ribatejo. It is named after the Tejo (Tagus) River that flows through the region. Six subregions are allowed to use the higher designation DOC Ribatejo; wines produces outside these areas are designanted VR Tejo. Soil and climatic conditions are extremely varied throughout the region. A lot of the vines grow in an area along the plain of the Tagus in cojunction with other plants and vegetables. This region is almost over-productive in terms of wine, unless wine-growers choose to commit to pruning their crop away from extraordinary vegetation. Although, most growers in this region deiver to large co-operatives. A selection of producers have chose to focus their attentions on the hotter, sandy earth south of the river, to produce small yields of good quality wine. Further nort towards the Lisboa region, soils are clay based (Bairro). Around Rio Maior, west of Tejo sea air passes through a gap in mountains, resulting in a drop in temperatur, more rain and more wind. White varieties include Fernao Pires, Alicante Branco, Arinto, Tália, Trincadeira das Pratas and Vital but also Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Traditional reds include Castelao and Trincadeira, however some Aragonez, Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot can all grow here.

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