Vinho Verde

This region is the larges DOC of Portugal. It is located in the north west and is asociated with a cool, wet and rainy climate. This enevitably makes ripening grapes significantly more difficult.Traditionally, garpes in this area where traied to grow up trees and or along pergolas on the edge of fields, in order to make space for other grapes. In modern times, major estates now low-train their grapes on wires giving better exposure to limited sun in the hope of better ripening. Although some small producers still train grapes in the traditional way. The Vinho Verde grapes can be distinguished by its high acidity, with flavours depending on the grape varieties used.Trajadura, Arinto (sometimes known as Pederna) Avesso and Alvarinho are all grown in the region. Popularity of Azal Branco has dramatically decreased because it is so hard to ripen. Nowadays it is usually only used in blends with more aromatic grape varieties. Alvarinho is by far the leading grape variety along the Minho river where the climate is warmer and drier. The combination of grape and climate makes for richer, fuller, subtly complex wines, made dry and completely still. Sparkling wine is produced in Vinho Verde as part of DOC since 2009. Also a red Vinho Verde that is dark, high in acidity low in alcohol produced mainly from the late ripening Vinhao grape.

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Vinho Verde

Muros Antigos Alvarinho

75 cl

A regular winner of both trophies and medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. ..

€10.00 Ex Tax: €8.13

Muros de Melgaco Alvarinho


The Melgaco is both the finest Alvarinho and finest Vinho Verde we have tasted! Well structured, wit..

€28.50 Ex Tax: €23.17

Anselmo Mendes Tinto Dao


Youthful fresh red with ripe red and black fruits, hints of spice and black pepper.  Concentrat..

€15.00 Ex Tax: €12.20

Loureiro Muros Antigos


Fresh and floral white made from Loureiro. Aromas of citrus, green apple and flint on the nose with ..

€15.50 Ex Tax: €12.60

Muros Antigos Contacto Alvarinho


This aromatic white is made from Alvarinho grape variety, a grape exclusive to this area of Vinho Ve..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Muros Antigos Vinho Verde

75 cl

Made from a selection of the three best white varieties in the region: Alvarinho conveys struct..

€14.00 Ex Tax: €11.38