Redbreast Iberian Series: Introducing the Tawny Port Edition Whiskey

Posted by Hannah Osbourne Friday 22nd September 2023 0 Comment(s) Sláinte,


Are you looking for a new Irish whiskey to try? If you are a fan of Redbreast, the award-winning range from Midleton Distillery in Cork, you will be delighted to hear that they have launched a new product: the Tawny Port Edition. This limited edition release features a small batch of 8-10 year old Redbreast whiskey that has been re-casked and finished in Tawny Port Hogshead from the Iberian peninsula. 


The result is a stunning whiskey that combines Redbreast's signature smoothness and spice with the rich and fruity notes of Tawny Port. In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about this new expression, from how it is made to what it tastes like and where you can buy it.


What is Redbreast Tawny Port Edition Whiskey?


Redbreast Tawny Port Edition is the second expression in the Redbreast Iberian Series, which follows the success of the Lustau Edition, launched in 2016. The Iberian Series features Redbreast whiskeys finished in casks from the Iberian peninsula, where some of the finest wines and whiskey casks in the world are produced. Redbreast has been collaborating with the cooperages and winemakers of this region for decades, sourcing high-quality casks to finish their whiskeys and create unique expressions that celebrate their shared heritage.


How is Redbreast Tawny Port Edition made?


This exquisite whiskey is made from a small batch of 8-10 year old Redbreast whiskey that has been recasked and finished in Tawny Port Hogshead from the Iberian peninsula for 14-25 months. This process adds a new layer of flavour and complexity to the whiskey, enhancing its smoothness and spice with the rich and fruity notes of Tawny Port. The Tawny Port Hogshead are carefully selected by Redbreast’s Master Blender Billy Leighton and Blender Dave McCabe, who work closely with the cooperages and winemakers of the region to ensure the highest quality and consistency.


In the words of Billy Leighton himself:


“We were enjoying lunch with the late renowned winemaker Joaquim Anacleto and Gesprove Winemaker José Pinheiro overlooking the valley, discussing the various wines and spirits that had influenced our whiskeys. And, being in the valley, we began to imagine how Tawny Port’s intricate flavour profile could affect our whiskies. Curiosity took hold, and we decided to make this daydream a reality – and we are quite pleased with the impeccable result."

What does Redbreast Tawny Port Edition taste like?


Redbreast Tawny Port Edition has a stunning flavour profile that combines chocolate coated hazelnut, salted caramel, fresh plums, dried fig, orange marmalade, and toasted oak. The texture is luscious and creamy, with a soft tannin presence that balances the sweetness and adds complexity. The whiskey has an ABV of 46% and is non-chill filtered, which preserves its natural oils and flavours. 



Here is a summary of the nose, palate, and finish:

  • Nose: Rich and nutty at first with notes of chocolate coated hazelnut and salted caramel, quickly followed with fresh plums and dried fig. The tannin's soft presence works in harmony with the luscious and creamy texture, evoking notes of orange marmalade with delicate hints of toasted oak.
  • Palate: Full-bodied and complex with an initial burst of sweetness from the port casks balanced by the pot still spices. Notes of dates, raisins, sultanas, and apricots mingle with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and ginger. A touch of vanilla and oak adds depth and structure.
  • Finish: Long and satisfying with a lingering sweetness and spice. Hints of dark chocolate, coffee, liquorice, and roasted nuts fade into a smooth and mellow aftertaste.

Why Should You Try Redbreast Tawny Port Edition?



Redbreast Tawny Port Edition is a rare and exquisite whiskey that showcases the artistry and innovation of Redbreast and their partners in the Iberian peninsula. It is a tribute to their long-standing relationship and mutual respect and a celebration of their passion for creating exceptional whiskeys. It is also an excellent opportunity to taste a new chapter in the history of Redbreast, the most decorated collection of Irish whiskeys in the world. Redbreast has won numerous awards for their collection, such as their Redbreast 27-year-old winning Master at the Irish Whiskey Awards three years in a row (2021 - 2023)!


Where can you buy Redbreast Tawny Port Edition?


You can order Redbreast Tawny Port Edition online from the Celtic Whiskey Shop or visit our store in Dublin. But hurry, because this is a limited edition release and won’t last long. Don’t miss this chance to taste a new expression of Irish whiskey excellence!