Fortified Wine

We consider ourselves the best Irish importer of fortified wine and we currently stock some great Port, some of the world's finest Sherry and Madeira and a superb selection of rarely seen wines such as Malaga, Marsala and Banyuls.

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Fortified Wine

Noval 1995 Colheita Tawny Port

A fantastic Colheita (think vintage tawny) Port that has been matured in oak for 12 years before bei..

€143.00 Ex Tax: €116.26

Noval Black

75 cl

Noval Black is a new way to drink Port, a new-age port destined to be enjoyed with chocolate or simp..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €18.70

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2005 New In

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2005


This Colheita is a rare port from a single vintage, which really expresses the terroir. 2005 was an ..

€62.00 Ex Tax: €50.41

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2007 New In

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2007


The 2007 vintage of Quinta do Noval Colheita Tawny Port presents a harmonious and very rich aromatic..

€61.50 Ex Tax: €50.00

Noval Extra-dry White

75 cl

A subtle and fruity dry white port. Citrine colour with an intense and fruity bouguet. ..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €18.70

Noval Fine Ruby

75 cl

This is a deep-coloured, lively, peppery wine, full of fresh fruit flavours. An ideal Port for infor..

€19.00 Ex Tax: €15.45

Noval Fine White

75 cl

A medium dry style of white port with aromas of peach, apricot and white flowers. The palate is v..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €17.89

Noval Lagrima

75 cl

The sweetest style of white port. Lagrima literally means ' tears' and is a great dessert wine ..

€24.00 Ex Tax: €19.51

Noval Tawny Reserve

75 cl

This Tawny Port is a blend of great quality wines aged for 5 to 6 years in large oak vats. It is smo..

€19.00 Ex Tax: €15.45

Noval Vintage Port 2019 New In

Noval Vintage Port 2019


Characterised by its purity of fruit and a fine, delicate quality that is typical of the wines of th..

€60.00 Ex Tax: €48.78

Pedro Ximen 1908

70 cl

Pedro Jimenez that has spent 5 years in black oak casks. This is a sweet and sticky dessert style wi..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €21.95

Perez Barquero La Canada Pedro Ximenez


A 100% Pedro Ximenez from Montilla-Morilles. This sherry has been aged in a solera system for o..

€57.00 Ex Tax: €46.34

Quinta Da Gaivosa LBV Port New In

Quinta Da Gaivosa LBV Port


A total of three blends are used in the production of this LBV: Tinto cão, Touriga Franc..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €17.07

Quinta Da Gaivosa Vintage 2018 New In

Quinta Da Gaivosa Vintage 2018


This vintage port from Quinta da Gaivosa offers notes of dried black plums, macerated sour cher..

€57.50 Ex Tax: €46.75

Quinta do Noval 2016 Vintage Port


Created from a blend of mostly Touriga Nacional but also Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão & Sous..

€84.00 Ex Tax: €68.29