Whiskey Gifts

If you are looking for a special gift idea then you are in the right place. Here you will find gift packs of Irish miniatures and some special Irish whiskeys that are suitable to give as gifts.

Celtic Cask Caoga (50) 2014 Dingle Virgin PX New In

Celtic Cask Caoga (50) 2014 Dingle Virgin PX


Celtic Cask 50 is our first Celtic Cask release from Dingle Distillery. A triple distillery malt tha..

€170.00 Ex Tax: €138.21

Clonakilty Miniature Gift Box 3x5cl

3 x 5cl

The perfect gift set for fans of Clonakilty or Irish spirits in general! Each pack contains sam..

€25.50 Ex Tax: €20.73

Connemara Marble Whiskey Stones

Set of x4 Reusable whiskey stones made from 100% Genuine Connemara Marble. These stones keep your dr..

€15.00 Ex Tax: €12.20

Dead Rabbit Whiskey Mini 5cl New In

Dead Rabbit Whiskey Mini 5cl


A mini version of Dead Rabbit Whiskey! Renowned for their carefully crafted cocktails and Irish..

€7.00 Ex Tax: €5.69

Fercullen 21 Year Old Single Malt New In

Fercullen 21 Year Old Single Malt


A superb single malt and the oldest expression to date from Powerscourt Distillery. Inspired by..

€230.00 Ex Tax: €186.99

Fercullen Single Malt 5cl New In

Fercullen Single Malt 5cl


Fercullen Single Malt is the first single malt released and distilled in Powerscourt Distillery, now..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50

Irish Whiskey Magazine

€12.45 is Inclusive of Shipping Irish Whiskey Magazine is the world's first independent ..

€14.37 Ex Tax: €11.68

Jameson Crested 8 Degrees


Another superb collaboration between Jameson and 8 Degrees. This fine dram has aged in Eight Degrees..

€43.00 Ex Tax: €34.96

Powers 15 Year Old Single Pot Still #10102 Celtic Whiskey Shop Exclusive New In

Powers 15 Year Old Single Pot Still #10102 Celtic Whiskey Shop Exclusive


Another Celtic Whiskey Shop exclusive we can't wait to share with you in the form of P..

€199.95 Ex Tax: €162.56

Single Pot Still Whiskeys of Midleton Gift Pack

A special tasting pack containing pot still whiskeys from the Powers, Green Spot, Redbreast and Barr..

€47.50 Ex Tax: €38.62

Tuath Black Glass

Made for whiskey lovers in mind, this black tasting glass from Tuath is created to capture..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.15

Tuath Rockall Tumbler Twin Set

Fine spirits require fine glassware and the Rockall Tumber Set fits the bill. Beautifully hand craft..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.15

Tuath Spirits Tasting Glass Copita

Túath is the old Irish for people, tribe, or nation as in Tuatha Dé Danann (“Peo..

€5.95 Ex Tax: €4.84

Writers Tears Trilogy Gift Book Set

3 x 5cl

The perfect gift for the whiskey enthusiast! This set from the award winning range of  Walsh Wh..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €18.29

Athru Mini Trilogy 3 X 5cl

3 x 5cl

Gift box set of the three 14 year Athrú single malt whiskies. Individual 50ml bottles of the ..

€35.00 Ex Tax: €28.46

Clonakilty Pelican Barley Wine 70cl


An exciting collaboration between Irish Distillery Clonakilty and the American Pelican Brewing ..

€71.00 Ex Tax: €57.72