Cocktail and Bar Equipment

If you run a professional cocktail bar or if you just want to create a cocktail setup at home then we have everything you will need to add a touch of sophistication. Our fully comprehensive range of bar equipment includes all the special items you could possibly want. From shakers and muddlers to jiggers and strainers we have it all. 

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Cocktail and Bar Equipment

Ceramic Tiki Mug With Handle 425ml

A Tiki mug with a handle. Sea green in colour and 425ml in capacity. The perfect addition for any Ti..

€7.75 Ex Tax: €6.30

Champagne Bucket Stand (Black) (3509)

A sturdy metal stand for traditional champagne buckets. Weight: 1.930kg. Dimensions: 20cm(W) x ..

€45.50 Ex Tax: €36.99

Champagne Stopper (3539)

A clip on stainless steel Champagne stopper that creates a perfect seal to keep the bubbles in the b..

€2.50 Ex Tax: €2.03

Champagne Stopper Copper Plated (3979) New In

Champagne Stopper Copper Plated (3979)

A convenient copper plated stopper for use with most Champagne and sparkling wine bottles. Clamps ov..

€5.75 Ex Tax: €4.67

Classic Wine and Champagne Bucket Stand (9050)

A table height classic wine and champagne bucket on a stand. Weight: 3kg Dimensions: 81cm(H) x 2..

€94.00 Ex Tax: €76.42

Clear Quick Shot 3 Ball Pour Pk 12 (3029) New In

Clear Quick Shot 3 Ball Pour Pk 12 (3029)

12 pack of Quick Shot dispensers with a fast flow, measured to 35 ml using the 3-ball bearing d..

€37.00 Ex Tax: €30.08

Cloud Wine Midnight Bottle New In

Cloud Wine Midnight Bottle

Enjoy your favourite wine on the go with this sturdy tumbler that can hold a full bottle of wine. Ma..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Cocktail Accessory Kit- 8 Piece

A fantastic cocktail set with just about everthing you will ever need to make top notch cocktails at..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €17.07

Cocktail Shaker 550ml Art Deco Copper (3338)

An attractively designed Art Deco shaker finished in Copper plate. Two piece design, 550ml in capaci..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €15.04

Cocktail Shaker 550ml Art Deco Stainless Steel (3337)

A stylish stainless steel shaker in Art Deco style. Two piece design and 550ml in capacity. Dim..

€14.65 Ex Tax: €11.91

Cocktail Shaker Regular 750ml

A standard three piece cocktail shaker. Stainless steel construction with a capacity of 750ml. ..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.34

Cocktail Spoon (3569)

A standard stainless steel cocktail spoon with a red plastic tip so that you don't poke your eye..

€3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44

Cocktail Spoon with Fork 300mm (3665)

A stainless steel cocktail spoon with a long twisted handle and a handy fork on the opposite end.&nb..

€6.60 Ex Tax: €5.37

Cocktail Spoon With Fork 300mm Copper Plated (3679)

A copper plated cocktail spoon with a long twisted handle and a fork on the opposite end for ga..

€7.20 Ex Tax: €5.85

Cocktail Spoon With Masher (3568)

A long handled cocktail spoon with a twist on the handle and a masher utensil on the opposite end.&n..

€3.50 Ex Tax: €2.85

Collinson Cocktail Spoon 450mm Antique Brass (3680)

Finished in a retro antique brass effect. This well balanced cocktail spoon is 450mm and has the usu..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €10.16