Wine came to Portugal via the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and most importantly the Romans. However, it was when England and Portugal signed the Methuen treaty during the Spanish War Of Succession that sales really took off. Favourable taxes meant that Portugeuse wines were affordable and the English soon took a liking to them, particularly those from the Douro valley. Many merchants sets themselves up at the mouth of the Douro river in Oporto and they soon discovered that fortifying their wines saved them from any taint during the voyage to England. 'Port' wine remains a huge export, but there are many other fascinating gems to seek out from regions such as Madeira, Vinho Verde, Dao and Alentejo. In addition many port firms have started making excellent table wines using tradition port grape varieties.

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Noval 20 Year-Old Tawny

75 cl

Harmonious and balanced, with complex aromas and flavours of dried fruit, pear, and spices. ..

€96.50 Ex Tax: €78.46

Noval 40 Year-Old Tawny


A very fine tawny that had been carefully matured in oak barrels. The grapes used in the production ..

€170.00 Ex Tax: €138.21

Noval Black


Noval Black is a new way to drink Port! For this unique Port, all grapes harvested are crushed ..

€24.00 Ex Tax: €19.51

Noval Colheita 1937


Noval Colheita 1937 was matured in wood casks for an intense fruity nose and a wild cherry character..

€525.00 Ex Tax: €426.83

Noval Colheita 1968

75 cl

The old Tawny Port for the lover of old Tawny Ports. Whereas our great 10, ..

€220.00 Ex Tax: €178.86

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2005


This Colheita is a rare port from a single vintage, which really expresses the terroir. 2005 was an ..

€70.00 Ex Tax: €56.91

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2007 New In

Noval Colheita Tawny Port 2007


The 2007 vintage of Quinta do Noval Colheita Tawny Port presents a harmonious and very rich aromatic..

€61.50 Ex Tax: €50.00

Noval Extra Dry White


A subtle and fruity dry white port from the legendary Quinta do Noval. Citrine in colour with an int..

€26.00 Ex Tax: €21.14

Noval Fine Ruby


Noval Fine Ruby is a deep-coloured, lively, peppery wine, full of fresh fruit flavours. Aged for thr..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €18.70

Noval Fine White


A medium dry style of white port with aromas of peach, apricot and white flowers. The palate is visc..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €18.70

Noval Lagrima


The sweetest style of white port from Quinta do Noval. Lagrima literally means ' tears' and ..

€26.00 Ex Tax: €21.14

Noval Tawny Port


This Tawny Port is a blend of great quality wines aged for 5 to 6 years in large oak vats. It is smo..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €18.70

Noval Vintage Port 2019


Characterised by its purity of fruit and a fine, delicate quality that is typical of the wines of th..

€84.00 Ex Tax: €68.29

Noval Vintage Port 2020 New In

Noval Vintage Port 2020


The 2020 vintage was marked by a hot and dry year, with a prolonged ripening period throughout the s..

€90.00 Ex Tax: €73.17

Quinta da Gaivosa 10 Year Old Tawny Port


This is Gaivosa's first release of 10 year-old tawny port and well worth the wait. Huge concentr..

€21.15 Ex Tax: €17.20

Quinta da Gaivosa 10 Year Old White Port

50 cl

Aged for 10 years in French oak barrels ..

€29.50 Ex Tax: €23.98